Mini Keg | 8 Pints

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Pour your own pint of fresh beer at home with one of our 5 litre Mini Kegs serving 8 pints. 

Mini Kegs are available in:

Disco Pils | 4.8% ABV 

German-style Pilsner; our house lager, straw to pale in colour with clean and crisp biscuit flavour and light floral hop notes of green fruits and melon.

Back to the Brewery | 4.2% ABV | Golden Ale

Sweet honey flavours from our premium Golden Promise malt, delicious sweet fruit, berry aromas and flavour from the calypso dry hop. Soft carbonation and more crisp body for drinking outside in the sun with friends.
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Dalston Sunrise | 4.4% ABV 

Hazy pale ale; full bodied with a malt bill of wheat, oats and malted barley giving it it’s hazy appearance. There is little to no bitterness as we add hops only at the end of the brewing process giving it a fruit forward aroma and flavour. 

Neighbourhood | 6% ABV 

West coast IPA, Light caramel and toasted malt backbone, opening up citrus and stone fruit aroma and flavour.