Beyond the Päle

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This mixed case features our Pale Ales. 

3 x Päle 4.1% APA(500ml)

3 x Dalston Sunrise 4.4% Hazy Pale Ale(440ml)

2 x Neighbourhood 6.0% IPA (440ml)

Päle is our first born. This is an American Pale Ale that we home brewed in Dalston before we moved out of the kitchen and into shipping containers. This beer has evolved over the years as Braumeister Ben added his flare to it. 

Dalston Sunrise is our Hazy Pale Ale. It celebrates stone fruits and is low in bitterness. 

Neighbourhood IPA is that punch in the mouth of hop flavour that you've been missing all these years since juicy beers came on the scene.